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GMO MEDICAL MARIJUANA! stop Dow Chemical before this nightmare scenario becomes a reality.

I Like Ike-said Beware Monsanto!
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I Like Ike-said Beware Monsanto!

A Interesting fact, a Manufacturer of Chemical Warfare Matériels; ie: Agent Orange, is now in the Manufacture of our Food. Meet the New Monsanto: Dow Chemical... and Their New 'Agent Orange' Crops Posted: 02/18/2014 8:00 pm EST Updated: 04/20/2014 5:59 am EDT Huffington Article DOW CHEMICAL Dow invented Rayon, Dacron & Nylon, and, despite popular belief that Wm. Randolph Hurst Personally led the "Media Smear" on Hemp, [remember the Reefer Madness (1937) Film that led to the Outlawing of Hemp Cultivation?] Dow Chemical Financially Backed Wm. Hearst's Newspapers & Subsidised the "WAR ON MARIJUANA!" Sean Hannity Warns America Of Killer Weed Threat-GUEST "DIAMOND DAVE!" Betty Diamond was told if she didn't stop smoking Marijuana she would regret it Husband David (Diamond Dave) brought Photos of Deformed Wife, the Last Beatnik in San Francisco, Betty Diamond's Tragic Fate has caused Ex-Stoner 74 Year Old "Diamond Dave" to become a "ART LINKLETTER" Type ANTI-DOPE CRUSADER!

DAVE SEZ=Don't Let It Happen To YOU!

Purity Hero Sean Hannity took to the radio airwaves Tuesday to alert America to this profound insight: marijuana will kill you dead! As proof, Hannity offers a genuinely sad story from Colorado, about the 19-year-old who jumped off a 4th-floor balcony after eating a friend's marijuana cookie. The autopsy listed marijuana intoxication as a significant contributing factor in the death of 19-year-old Levi Thamba Pongi, a native of the Republic of Congo, who fell from a balcony. One of Hannity's guests tried to point out that "significant contributing factor" is different from "sole cause," but Hannity knew better: "In other words, he was stoned out of his mind!" All this brilliance was prefaced by Hannity's worries about other victims of pot, like innocent children "getting into their parents' pot-laced goodies -- because they have, I guess, pot candy and pot brownies and pot this and pot that." And as that one guest (whose name doesn't appear on the Hannity website -- apparently there have been no guests in 2014) said, yes, it makes sense that if you're going to have legal pot, you don't just leave the stuff out where the kids can get into it: "Drugs are like alcohol and guns and they need to be put away in a safe place." Oddly, we don't know of any stories where Hannity concluded that guns need to be banned after a kid got their hands on one with disastrous results. Hannity's other guest, on the other hand, was much more sympathetic to his position, saying that she's "read about people dying already from smoking too much pot and then falling." Even worse, Hannity intoned, "There was a case of a dog that OD'd from pot!" The pro-pot guest soberly agreed that "anybody who murders a dog should go to jail forever," and that, yes, if people irresponsibly leave their intoxicating adult stuff around where their kids get into it, they are bad parents and should be prosecuted for endangering their kids. The recording cuts off just as the anti-pot guest starts warming up on her theory that marijuana legalization is just a ploy to distract us from the serious issues like "people losing their healthcare" and presumably, Benghazi. Yr Wonkette has already reported on just how deadly weed candy can almost be, so we are sympathetic to people who have had bad experiences -- on the other hand, despite the fact that alcohol can actually poison people to death, and does, at plenty of frat parties, booze remains legal. But the real lesson is obvious: Weed kills, and must be prohibited. Alcohol, on the other hand, should be enjoyed responsibly, and guns, needless to say, are in the Constitution for a very good reason: So you can protect yourself from roving bands of weed-crazed youths. Colorado woman grows a third arm after smoking "Killer Weed" Betty Diamond was told if she didn't stop smoking Marijuana she would regret it. Betty thought because its legal it must be safe. There is no treatment for her condition and she is not expected to recover. Betty says the weed made her feel great and stopped her headaches. Read more: FOX ONLINE Apr 9, 2014 - Purity Hero Sean Hannity took to the radio airwaves Tuesday to alert America to this profound insight: marijuana will kill you dead! As proof ... Demyx - BREAKING NEWS: Smoking marijuana causes ... May 20, 2014 - Colorado woman grows a third arm after smoking "Killer Weed" Betty Diamond was told if she didn't stop smoking Marijuana she would regret it ... We have to stop Dow Chemical before this nightmare scenario becomes a reality. It's time for the food movement -- organic producers, rural farming communities, urban foodies, chefs, parents, policy makers, and everyone who cares about the food they eat -- to stop Dow Chemical and their "Agent Orange" crops. Dow has already destroyed our world enough. To learn how you can get involved, visit PROPAGANDA in 1938 MARIJUANA KILLER! Course of Study in temperance Education (Alcohol and narcotic Drugs_ for grades 7-8-9 p70 ) - State of Vermont G. Marihuana (Indian Hemp) (Marijuana) 3. Marihuana as -- Narcotic There is no important use for marihuana in medicine because it is unreliable. . . . 4. Effects of Marihuana When marihuana is taken in large doses or when it is smoked, it usually produces a characteristic feeling of pleasure and exhilaration. Very soon the individual passes into a drowsy state, during which he has beautiful dreams, and forgets everything. He has visions of gorgeously beautiful scenes, amidst which he imagines all sorts of romantic incidents. He is usually joyful and happy and seems to be in a garden of paradise far more beautiful than any previous conception of it. These dreams are more marked in the languid, oriental people. Europeans or Americans unless they are particularly emotional, usually do not have such extravagant dreams but merely become joyful and happy. During this state of exhilaration, ideas arise so rapidly that time seems to pass much faster than it actually does. Events which usually last hours seem to occur in several minutes. This state of exhilaration lasts for a short time, perhaps an hour, then the individual falls into a normal, quiet sleep from which he can be readily awakened. Often the person has a sense of impending death, while others have terrible dreams. The following is a reprint from a bulletin of the Signal Press, Evanston, Illinois, entitled "The Menace of Marihuana": "The following excerpt from a pamphlet by the Department of Public Health, Union of South Africa, should awaken North America to the need for education and legal protection against this deadly drug. "Dagga (Marihuana) is a habit-forming drug and its use is apt to induce a craving which increases in strength until it is practically irresistible. Every confirmed smoker will confess that the craving when the drug is withheld becomes unbearable torture. "A very serious aspect of this question is the prevalence of the vice among youths and even school boys. The evil effects are quickly shown by emotional instability and unreliability." Some concrete examples (taken from the records of the Federal Narcotics Bureau) are quoted: "It happened in Florida: A young boy who had become addicted to smoking marihuana cigarettes, in a fit of frenzy, because, as he stated while still under the marihuana influence, a number of people were trying to cut off his arms and legs, seized an axe and killed his father, mother, two brothers, and a sister, wiping out the entire family except himself. "It happened in Michigan: Sometime ago the silence of the state prison at Marquette, Michigan, was shattered by the sound of fusillade of pistol shots and an hour later a kindly prison doctor lay dead and beside him lay the trusty who had given his life trying to save his friend, the doctor. An investigation developed that arms and ammunition had been smuggled into the prison in the false bottoms of burying containers and that the marihuana from which Tylczak, the murderer of the doctor and trusty, had derived his demonian courage, had also been smuggled into the prison. "It happened in California: A man under the influence of marihuana actually decapitated his best friend; and then, coming out of the effects of the drug, was horrified as anyone over what he had done." "Reefer" cigarettes, as marihuana cigarettes are often called, are sold to high school pupils by persons attempting to build up a trade for this drug. Such sales are sometimes made at hot dog stands or on the street, secretly, the price being about twenty-five cents per cigarette. A real menace to American youth lies in this drug because the hemp is so easily raised, the drug so readily obtained, and so suicidal in its effects. There has been much agitation against marihuana, the most deadly of all narcotic drugs. No wonder so many people today oppose the use of Medicinal Cannabis.
If you're like me, then you are probably overwhelmed with emails and articles opining on the evils of Monsanto -- and for good reason. Monsanto is a chemical company that began genetically engineering seeds in order to sell more chemicals. The company's business model is based on privatizing life, privatizing our genetic heritage (seeds), and poisoning the Earth. But did you know that Monsanto is just one of the major chemical players that have taken over our agriculture? Others include Syngenta, Bayer, DuPont, and BASF. Monsanto is corporate villain number one, providing PR cover for these other companies that do the same thing with far less public attention. That is about to change. There is one company that may even be worse than Monsanto. And unless we act soon, that company is going to start contaminating our farms and our food in ways we have never seen before. Meet the Dow Chemical company. So how is Dow Chemical becoming the new Monsanto? As we all know, Monsanto has been the leader in producing genetically engineered pesticide-promoting crops (PPCs). By inserting bacterial DNA into corn and soy, Monsanto scientists were able to allow these plants to withstand massive spraying of their weed killer Roundup. Normally, if sprayed over the whole field, the weed killer would kill both the weeds and the crop, but now only the weeds perish and the GE crops survive. Monsanto aggressively promoted these crops, and large farmers adopted it because now they could conveniently spray their fields, even aerial spray, and not have to be careful with their herbicide use. It became convenient for large corn and soy farmers, and a boon for Monsanto as it began selling hundreds of millions more pounds of Roundup. However, a predictable problem emerged. After a decade and a half of heavy use of these Roundup-promoting crops, many farmers began to see that Roundup was becoming less effective. It stopped killing the weeds. The weeds had adapted, and Roundup-resistant weeds were growing at an alarming rate. Farmers, increasingly desperate, began using more herbicides and mixing in more toxic herbicides. Soon, large conventional corn and soy growers realized that they needed an alternative to Roundup. That's what Dow Chemical was waiting for. The company had genetically engineered new generations of GE corn and soybean varieties that are able to withstand spraying of 2,4-D. The big prize for Dow Chemical is to have their 2,4-D replace glyphosate as the go-to chemical of choice for these non-organic farmers. They only need approval from the USDA, approval that came in March 2014. 2,4-D is far more toxic than Roundup. The chemical has been linked to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, lowered sperm counts, liver disease, and Parkinson's disease. Studies have also demonstrated the chemical's adverse effects on hormonal, reproductive, neurological, and immune systems. 2,4-D is also the seventh largest source of dioxins in our environment. Dioxins are highly toxic chemical byproducts that can bioaccumulate, which means they can build up in your system, and our environment, over time. If Dow Chemical's 2,4-D-tolerant corn and soy crops are approved by the USDA, hundreds of millions more pounds of this toxic chemical will be used on crops, with ever-increasing residues on our food. Vietnam War veterans will recognize 2,4-D as half of the highly toxic mix that made up Agent Orange. Agent Orange was a defoliant used on the jungles and farm land of Vietnam, and veterans exposed to it suffer a wide range of illnesses, including cancer. The Vietnamese Red Cross estimates that nearly 1 million people have experienced health problems as a result of Agent Orange. It's no surprise then that people are calling the Dow Chemical's new crops "Agent Orange" corn and soy. As the Vietnam experience shows, Dow Chemical is not a company that most people would choose to make a child's breakfast. For most of its history, Dow Chemical sold products designed to kill. Founded in Midland, Mich., more than 100 years ago, the company made a name for itself mining brine and chlorine. Dow joined the war effort in World War I, building bombs and developing tear gasses. World War II was a boon for the company, and by the 1950s it was one of the largest chemical manufactures in the United States. Dow Chemical is infamous for its wartime inventions. The company produced Dursban, napalm, and Agent Orange. They've done little to help the victims of the Bhopal chemical spill, even though they now own the company that was responsible for the disaster, Union Carbide Corporation. Given their history in manufacturing deadly products used by the military, we should not be surprised that Dow Chemical is calling its new genetically engineered varieties "Enlist." Unfortunately, those farmers that enlist in this new technology will be continuing a war against weeds that they cannot win. Just as weeds adapted to Roundup, they will adapt to 2,4-D. Farmers will be left with contaminated fields choked with weeds that they cannot kill. The public will have been subjected to toxic residues on their land, and contaminated water supplies. Only Dow Chemical comes out ahead, collecting billions in profits from selling millions of pounds of this toxic chemical and then simply moving on when it is no longer effective.
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